Y Mouser (yellowmouser) wrote,
Y Mouser

Free Will

What bread to buy? That's an interesting thought... Can we really choose what bread we want when the only grocery within miles sells only one brand. Haven't our choices in this matter be stolen by a corporation whose sole goal is maximizing the returns to the shareholders?

For that matter, what if we don't want to buy bread- could you make it yourself? What what ingredients and from whose larder? Who would teach you?

I'm on the internet asking who would teach you how to bake bread in an age when the big money boys are negotiating among themselves how best to restrict and control the flow of information in order to control the population- particularly their wallets- better.

Let us assume that choice exists. Further assume the existence of a quality, we'll call it Enlightenment for lack of a better word, that allows someone to make a choice. ...allows? Facilitates? Transmits?

How would someone without this unidentified quality get ahold of it- by choice? Obviously not. Someone else would have to choose for them... but where could the first choice come from? A mutation? A random chance? Hardly ideal for defining choice.

What choices does an infant have? We appear to observe a child grow into choices, which supposes the pre-existence of choice independent of the chooser. Is there a limited quality of choice that through exercise becomes a finite resource?

Who chose to construct such a system?

No... I'll stick with my previous conclusion... Choice is an Illusion.

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